DC Homicide

New Book Alert

My latest book, DC Homicide, is just weeks away from release. I got it back from the editor last week and am in the process of formatting it as we speak! The next process will be having a cover commissioned, then it will be off to my advanced reader team, and then, finally, will be available for you!

I can hardly contain my excitement. This book is a going to be the first in a series that follows grizzled Metropolitan Police detective, Max Denver. Set in 1950, Max, along with his partner, Jack Barnaby, are on the case of a killer after a young lady turns up dead in an alley in the Federal Triangle. A group of kids find her body while playing stickball on a Sunday afternoon, which starts our detective hero on a path of self-realization, as he deals with demons from the past and the present, all the while trying to snuff out who the killer is.

If you’re into old school sleuth stories, then DC Homicide is for you!

Check back for more updates on a specific release date.

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